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“Driven by a lack of sensible medical advice on how to cope with my gut problems I was relieved to find that you immediately understood my problems and could provide advice on the best way to make changes in my diet to improve my gut health which is key to my wellbeing.  The food diary, video link consultations and reports have all been very useful.  In the weeks that have followed I have taken the advice and suggestions resulting in importantly an understanding of how I can alleviate pain, discomfort and bloating.  Having a set plan of how the weeks would progress with the opportunity to try new ways of eating and then the reviews on the diet diary and consultations has meant that the changes to my diet have been made in a controlled manner.  In the past I have tried all sorts of diet changes and most made without really knowing  if they would help and sometimes not really sticking to them because I wasn't sure if they were working. Having your advice has really made a difference.  I needed a long term  plan on how I was going to cope with diverticulitis and through making the changes to my diet following  your advice I think that it is now possible....Thank you ”

21st November 2023

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