All appointments are via video consultation or telephone. There is also the option for a face to face appointment at Nuffield Health, Plymouth Hospital. If you would like an in-person appointment, please contact me via email on for further details.


An initial consultation lasts for one hour and you will be asked to complete a 7-day food and drink diary and health questionnaire in advance of the appointment. During the consultation we will discuss your individual needs, your medical symptoms and medical history, eating habits and lifestyle factors.


After all the information is analysed, a full report of findings is prepared, and details

outlined in the clinic. The report will highlight:

• Dietary analysis: suspected intolerances and/or nutritional imbalances

• Action Points: suggested steps to be taken to correct/enhance your diet

• Personalised diet plan: based on your eating habits, food preferences and medical needs

After the consultation you will receive a written summary, a copy of which will also go to your GP (with your consent).  On occasion it may be necessary to contact your GP prior to the first consultation, in order to obtain more information. Your confidentiality is maintained at all times and all records are kept in accordance with the Data Protection Act.


A follow up period of 4-6 weeks helps to implement the Actions Points and the Diet Plan. This is a chance for us to discuss the successes and the challenges of the previous weeks and how to consolidate the goals for the long term. This appointment lasts for 30 minutes.

For weight management a package of 12 appointments with weekly follow up is available